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Powerpoint presentation ideas, powerpoint designs

We thrive on powerpoint ideas!

We have hundreds of powerpoint presentation ideas but to achieve a top-notch powerpoint presentation requires the delivery of clear, concise information, graphics and content structure. We are experts at this!

Take a look at our powerpoint presentation ideas and case studies for inspiration.

To kick start your powerpoint ideas, think about the powerpoint presentation content and how the story should be portrayed. Here a just a few ideas we have for content and structure to ensure a successful powerpoint presentation: 

  • Ask a question, ask the audience for examples
  • Use only images to narrate the story or only use text
  • Do not over use text
  • Keep it simple: organise in three points
  • Use a hashtag so the audience can tweet about the presentation
  • Integrate social media
  • Use props to emphasise points
  • Add a personal touch if appropriate
  • Keep it short and to the point

Animations and embedded Youtube videos within a powerpoint presentation can increase audience engagement and enhance your pitch or story. View our powerpoint tips + techniques for best practise on content, background images and colours.

Browse our selection of technology, business, music and travel powerpoint templates to inspire your next presentation. Simply register to purchase and download a template.

If you have something specific in mind, speak to us and we can look into a custom powerpoint presentation design. We will take your brief, discuss your requirements and present you with a stunning powerpoint presentation.

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