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Top 10 Powerpoint Tips

You want your powerpoint presentation to wow your audience. Our tips and techniques are designed to do exactly that!

It’s important that the content within a powerpoint presentation is kept precise and too the point. Lots of text on one slide is not very exciting or engaging , it’s down to the speaker to relay the majority of the information.

Follow these powerpoint tips to make your presentation the one to remember. 

  • A good cover design is a great way to set the tone for the entire presentation.
  • Keep your main points brief and let the speaker explain the detail
  • Background images should be simple, so the eye isn’t lead away from the content
  • Use good, quality photographs - it makes a difference
  • A strong palette of solid colours often works well
  • Have a clear call to action that can be implemented on each page
  • Powerpoint animations when done well can add impact
  • Embed YouTube videos in your powerpoint can leave a lasting impression
  • The best presentations have 'personality' - be true to yourself in design and presentation style
  • Host powerpoint presentations on Slideshare for access after the event

The use of videos and animations can also totally transform a powerpoint presentation, as long as they keep in context with what you are presenting. Take a look at our suggestions for using Animations and YouTube videos in powerpoint presentations. 

If you have any questions or wish to discuss a custom design, get in touch. We will be happy to help. 

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